Hans Brehmer

"When God Was A Boy"

Pianist-Singer-Songwriter presents a collection of new jazz tunes with dry lyrical twists and wit. It's like Dave Frishberg meets Randy Newman, in a jazz trio setting.

Life meets jazz.

"There are some twisted sentiments here..."

Who's Gonna Know

If I Only Had A Brain
Beautiful Snow


Happy Birthday To Me

"I'm 38 today, my back's gone out.
I'm well on my way. I'm takin' the scenic route
And I will tell you all about the view
just as soon as my prescription lenses come through.
Happy Birthday To Me...

I'm lookin' in the mirror and I've been had.
I see the same lines, the ones that are on my dad.
And I heard his words the other day
comin' through my mouth,
things I swore I'd never say.
Happy Birthday To Me...

...it's just a bit different now.
Like elevator music makes me sing along
and when I talk about grass I'm referring to my lawn..."



1 Who's Gonna Know
2 When God Was A Boy
3 Slow Down/Nice 'n Easy
4 Money
5 Happy Birthday To Me
6 The Glory Years
7 Runnin'
8 In The Amazon
9 Beautiful Snow
10 If I Only Had A Brain
11 Jazz In A Country Bar
12 The 'Lectric Chair
13 Got To Get You Into My Life
14 The Dog Song



Hans Brehmer piano, vocals
Larry Holloway bass
Greg Williamson drums
Trish Hatley vocals on 3, 7, 13

All Songs written
by Hans Brehmer
except: Nice 'n Easy (3), 4, 10 & 13

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