Greg Williamson and the
Big Bad Groove Society
greg williamson: drums/arranger/composer
paul mazzio: trumpet
larry fuller: piano
larry holloway: bass
dan marcus: trombone & tuba
bryan dickerson: sax


enhanced CD

Song Sample MP3s:


Outside N'Orleans

When I Fall In Love

Baby Weener Dog Walk

Duke's Jungle

 Swing Your Big Head

"A very full sounding ensemble with the energy and feel of a big band and the freedom of a small group...a lot like Monk's work with a large group." -5/4 Magazine

"The big drummer with a big band... it's a party!"
-Seattle Times

Greg Williamson & the Big Bad Groove Society is a hard hitting jazz sextet, formed in 1991 by a drummer known for his straight ahead drive. The musicians all come from the training ground of hard road travel with big bands (Woody Herman, Dorsey, Miller), where slamming the music home is the appassioned priority. The all-original arrangements employ the harmony and swing of a big band, the depth of a philharmonia, and the attitude of Rhythm & Blues. Their widely acclaimed 1994 release "Live at Kellys" on Pony Boy Records captures their live energy at an institute of jazz heritage. This CD, "Swing Your Big Head", (enhanced for multi-media computer play) finds them recording live in the studio - complete with an audience. The musical material and playing stretch both ends of the harmonic and textural spectra, while grooving hard.


Big Bad Groove Society Bio - with photos.

Greg Williamson Bio

Reviews - The band has received some great press.



Big Bad Groove Society
"Live at Kellys"

re-mastered onto CD for the
10th Anniversary
of this debut Pony Boy release!

The bands' first release, recorded live at Kellys Restaurant in Tacoma, home of Red Kelly, the palpable and infamous bassist and recountuer.
Now available on CD or cassette tape.

1 red’s intro (red kelly)
2 fungi mama (blue mitchell)
3 zolt/wet willy (g. williamson)
4 ballad for two reds (g. williamson)
5 beauty and the beast (wayne shorter)
6 blue monk* (thelonious monk)
7 rush hour (g. williamson)
8 a walk with chauncey (g. williamson)
9 llama farm (g. williamson)
10 get smart (szathmary)

marcus, fuller, mazzio, dickerson, holloway, red kelly, williamson c.1994

“Every number swings... a compact collection of cookers brought to a live boil.”
- Seattle Times

“Exceptional... the fullness and flair of a big band from a tight swinging sextet.”
- News Tribune


paul mazzio - trumpet
bryan dickerson - tenor, alto sax
dan marcus - trombone, tuba
larry fuller - piano
larry holloway - bass
greg williamson - drums


Liner notes from "Live at Kellys"

recorded may 19, 1994
at Kellys Restaurant in Tacoma, WA
produced by Greg Williamson
live recording produced by Paul Baron
mixed & edited at Infinity Productions, Bob Meador
photographs by mike sweeney
original graphics & layout Karen Hansen
*substitute Phil Demaree, bass, april 14
re-mastered at Pony Boy Studios, January 2004
also available on pony boy cassette
original material ©1994, re-release ©2004

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