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"Let me congratulate you on your first Jazz Picnic. It was really nice, the perfect spot, well organized, good sound. Good for you." - Joan

"Thank you for bringing several monster jazz musicians to Magnuson park yesterday. It must be an expensive proposition for a small label. It was very generous." - J.L.P.

"It was a very nice affair...the surroundings super and the whole layout was just right." - Lola

"Nice job on the Festival.  It had a wonderful homegrown feel to it, yet it seemed very organized and professional.  The sound quality was great for an outdoor event I think also. Give my thanks to Karen as well for doing such a great job." - M.L.

"Man, you put my name in your ad and on your t-shirt.  I owe you big time." - Chris Fagan

"That was the best jazz festival ever" - Artie Rukeman

"Really enjoyed the wingding yesterday - especially your group, Yeh!" - Pip McCaslin, Real Time Audio

"Just a quick thanks for presenting the jazz picnic.  Hope it becomes an annual event.  Would like to see the rest of the jazz community do more things like this. Also, purchased the Double Sax Quintet CD. Great musicianship as well as a fine recording.  Has a "live room" sound...not some sterile studio sound.  Fine CD...listening to it lots. Good showcase for Pony Boy Records (even bought a T-shirt!)  I will keep an eye out for future releases" - T.L.

"Oh, and by the way....great job!" - Carolyn Graye

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