"I Play The Jazz"

I can show you how to cultivate your jazz audience... and a way to teach your students to swing.

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Gaining a jazz following is a mystery to most... I can help clubs, non-profits, and concert promoters educate and foster a consistent audience over time. Your community can have a rich, sustainable, informed audience... contact me now to learn more.

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Most students don't have a full concept of how to make a big band swing. I can show them the way, and unlock the secrets. I've been there, and learned from the masters. Your whole band will swing harder and be joyful with noise! contact me now to learn more.

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Greg Williamson is a jazz drummer, percussionist, composer, musical instigator, and keeper of a jazz flame. He can help students, musicians, organizations, and arts consumers connect with their potential, so they may become fulfilled individuals and connect with informed members of a thoughtful society.


bands and sounds:
pony boy all -star big band
big bad groove societydouble sax quintetgw quartet


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Jazz at Lincoln Center

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"Learning jazz is special, because it's a music that’s based on improvisation. And the skills that you need in order to play jazz, help you to learn how to use your mind. How to develop your creativity... How to able to work together with a group of people... The more you learn about this, the better you are, the more important you will become. And you are the future that will change the world. "
- Walter Blanding, Jazz at Lincoln Center

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